About Us

Principals/Directors: Grant And Sue Curry
Manager: Darren Curry
Office Manager: Jo Curry
Certificate of Incorporation No: 200033

On behalf of our Design, Manufacturing and Sales Teams we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to New Zealand Furniture's range of Products.

We are a family owned and operated business. Originally founded in 1975 under the direction of Grant & Sue Curry as GARDEN HEIGHTS UPHOLSTERERS. Since that time the business has flourished. As people drew their attention to revamping their furnishings and re-decorating their homes with the ever changing face of fashion and decor, Garden Heights Upholsterers were always there to see that their customers wishes were satisfied, first and foremost! The share diversity of the staff and management have been an asset to the business with their support and team spirit. Proving invaluable in times of contract deadlines and trade professionalism. The need to diversify the business came about when the introduction of new paint and lacquer finishes became more attractive on the market. It was at that time, (1981) that Garden Heights Upholsterers became a Limited Company. Increasing interest and demand for restoration and re-lacquering meant the company had to grow to meet the demand. With that new growth and new confidence within the company it became apparent that there was more to Garden Heights upholsterers (Ltd) ability, so came about the introduction of smaller business ventures within the company umbrella.

We are a small innovative company with a real focus on safety, ease of use and customer satisfaction. Not only is it our focus, it's our Guarantee!

All materials are of the highest quality and an integral part of the units design. In light of the quality of materials and components we choose to use in the construction of your Retractable Seating, we are able to offer light weight durable and user friendly seating solutions, and can design a unit to fit your requirements.

In using modern manufacturing techniques, and by standardizing our production systems with the highest attention to detail and finish, it is easy for us to build a system for you today, that you can add to or extend tomorrow.

It is possible to have multiple units set up beside each other and or extended to make the most of the room available, and to achieve maximum seating capacity. Units can be fixed to the wall or free standing as may be required in a particularly large hall.